These are the best articles that we have to offer; read them at your leisure. 

Million Dollar Scam  
  The story of the Frass Meteorite, a purported rock from the planet Mars that supposedly contains valuable evidence of extraterrestrial life. 
Wash, Rense, Repeat
The Skeptic Report has a close encounter with some UFOnuts at's defunct message board.  Hilarity ensues.
Now You See Him...
The strange case of Spontaneous Human Invisibility.  
The John Doe Debacle 
Writing and editing a website like this one brings a lot of detractors, and it should come as a surprise to nobody that some of these detractors are juvenile punks.  John Doe is one such punk, and we were happy to pound his ass into hamburger.
Implant This!
A story like this one comes along only very rarely, and we were blessed with it early in our publishing history.  It has such luminous topics as alien abductions, missing time, brain implants and a potentially psychotic victim.  Delicious!



June 11th, 2001

A Million Damn Dollars
May 31st, 2001

Government Stooges
May 13th, 2001