A Million Damn Dollars
(?) May 31st, 2001
Last night, Fox aired what was sure to be a massive ratings disaster: Million Dollar Mysteries.  It's a kind of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire meets America's Most Wanted, apparently aimed toward the Diagnosis Murder, Ron Popeil infomercial audience.  Viewers tune into the program, and are offered a million damn dollars if they can solve various crimes and disappearances that investigators have struggled with for decades.  Throw in incessant use of words like "baffled," add a dash of dramatic over-narration, and you have typical FOXy programming. 

If that wasn't enough for me to tune, they also included a lengthy exposť on the Roswell Incident, an unabashed excuse to mine FOX's massive archives on the subject.  That includes cheesy dramatizations, a high speed photomontage of an electrical storm and skewed, rapid zooms of newspaper headlines.  The excuse for another rehash of Roswell?

I was getting to that. 

The International UFO Research Center is offering a million damn dollars to anyone who can produce verifiable physical evidence of an alien or extra-terrestrial technology. 

They make it very clear that Ted Koppel's hairpiece does not qualify. 

We think this is a great idea.  Kind of reminiscent of Randi's Million Dollar Challenge, and we all know what kinds of results that has yielded.  Maybe greed will entice those people hoarding the holy grail of UFOlogy into revealing what they have, and shut me up once and for all. 

Don't hold your breath.



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A Million Damn Dollars
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