Government Stooges
(?) May 13th, 2001
This is an excerpt from a recent Washington Times article:

"A guard told me he was asked to burn some photographs and not to look at them," said [Donna Hare, a NASA design illustrator with secret clearance]. "And there was another guard guarding him, watching him burn the photographs. He looked at one and it was a picture of a UFO and he immediately was hit in the head and had a big gash in his forehead."

The Disclosure Group, a Virginia-based organization dedicated to forcing the government to...well...disclose, recently held a press conference to announce their newest goal: testify before Congress. 

The Disclosure Group claims to have over 400 witnesses, from all walks of life (from Central Intelligence to US Air Force).  These witnesses all claim to have first-hand experience in the government's successful attempts to cover-up the existence of extraterrestrial visitations on earth. 

Witnesses are nice, but evidence is better.

Oh, but wait!  They don't have any!

NASA has photographs of alien ships!  NASA has pictures of "structures" on the far side of the moon!  The CIA has anti-gravity propulsion technology!  UFOs are turning off our nuclear missiles!  Lots of claims, lots of promises, but no physical evidence to back any of it up.

We agree with the need for Congress to look into the possibility of UFOs extant on earth.  We also think that the government needs to disclose what they know about UFOs without sacrificing national security.  The safety of our borders is more important than knowing whether or not ET is a true story.

But we also seriously doubt how much these woo-woo stories have truth to them, and to what degree.  As we've noticed in the past, just because someone has an advanced degree, experience in the military or even a Nobel Prize, none of those things preclude dishonesty, flights of fantasy, faulty memories, or outright insanity. 

We cannot believe extraordinary, unsubstantiated claims simply because an intelligent, respected, or experienced person makes them. 



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