Implant This!
(?) September 16th, 1997

Alien abductions remain in the popular media for a few simple reasons:  

  • The experiences are all very similar, from across the globe. UFO "researchers" do not include the variations on this theme (some people report very different-looking aliens, etc.).
  • The abductions have been happening for centuries. UFO "researchers" frequently jump to the automatic conclusion that the similar experiences point to the same experiences, rather than alien abductions being the same neurological response to stimuli as these earlier "abductions."
  • "You haven't proved us wrong!" UFO "researchers" seem to forget that the burden of proof is on the pro side. Those who claim that a certain scientific law is factual must prove it; those who claim that this law is not factual do not need to prove anything.
One specific case from Australia highlights many facets of the alien abduction experience, from strange implants to the lifelong UFO fanaticism. 

Carol is in her 50's, and an aware and sensible lady. She is very well read in the field of Ufology because of her life long association and connection with the Aliens.

She knew she was pregnant, she had all the symptoms, and a girl instinctively knows anyway. She made all of the arrangements, paid her money and went to see the doctor for the operation. The doctor, after examining Carol had some unexplainable news to tell her. She was not pregnant, there was no fetus.

Carol knew she was pregnant. She said that just before the abortion was due to be undertaken, "they" returned and removed the fetus from her.

What nobody seems to mention is a certain thing called an "hysterical pregnancy," which comes with all of the symptoms of pregnancy but is not a true pregnancy. The scientific grounding of such a theory is well-established, whereas aliens stealing hybrid fetuses is not. 

She went to see her local family doctor. She had explained to him the real reasons why she was ill, and of her connection with Alien beings and what they had done to her. This doctor did not want to hear about her story. He would talk about anything else, but not of the Alien contacts and implant.

This strikes me as the normal reaction a doctor would have to someone who told them that their diagnosis was wrong and that they were under the thumb of alien invaders. 

The article next claims that Carol was hospitalized and heavily drugged (by human doctors), practically ignored by the hospital staff. She was discovered out of her bed without the television on her legs, cutting off her circulation. 

The doctor that found her in this condition stated that because of the condition of her leg, she must have been in that position for at least 36 hours.

This is obviously an attempt to link this event to the so-called "missing time phenomenon" that abductees commonly experience. This specific case deviates from that because usually the person is physically taken to the ship. If aliens truly manipulated time so that it did not pass for them and Carol, then they must have left the TV on her legs. Aliens do a lot of strange things, but I do not know of a single case where they maliciously tortured an unconcious woman and left the evidence for all to see. 

I would speculate that this was a misdiagnosis on the part of the doctor. It is very possible that Carol is mentally unstable and did this to herself, or that she is a somnabulist and did this to herself unintentionally. From what I know of the phenomenon of alien abduction, a person prone to sleeping disorders is also prone to alien abductions. Perhaps there is a link between people with sleeping disorders and the physiological/neurochemical activities of those prone to fantasy and/or delusion. I am not a specialist in these matters, but any rational explanation would be an improvement. 

Her constant vigil with local medical people saw arrangements made to have another ' cat scan ', this time on the most sophisticated machine available in Australia. The waiting list for patients is 18 months for this hi-tech cat scan, Carol only had to wait six weeks, she was obviously seen as a priority.

Again, I am not a specialist, but strange headaches are possible symptoms of a brain tumor. I believe that this is enough for a high priority, though I might be wrong. 

Upon completion, Carol asked doctors for the results, and was refused a discussion on the matter. Carol decided to act alone and walked into the x-ray viewing room. A private "Doctors Only" area. Her x-rays were lined up on the viewing light, and she had a quick look at them before being quickly ushered out of the room and told " you should not be in here ". Carol told the doctor that she had seen enough anyway. She could see the close ups of the implant in her head.

The rational assumption is that there was no implant in her head and that people were simply not allowed in a "Doctor's Only" room, especially potentially psychotic people. She does not even know for sure that they were even her CAT images. She has no way of knowing what things look like through a CAT scan (or MRI, whichever the case). It is nowhere stated in the article that she is a physician, or even a CAT technician or nurse. Things look very strange through the "lens" of a CAT scan. There are many variables within a human body that could throw anyone but a physician off. How could she possibly know that there was an implant in her head, and how many things within her body would "look" like an implant to her? She obviously was expecting to see an implant. 

The cover up has begun. To this day Carols persistent request and demands for the results of this x-ray treatment have been futile. Doctors in Brisbane, and her local G.P. have all refused to talk to Carol about the results. " It is almost as if they have been advised to withhold the information from me" Stated Carol. " They now have proof that Alien implants are real, and do not want to let us know " said Carol.

There are many rational explanations for her difficulty with getting her results. Of course, it might be a government coverup. But if the implants are visible in the "x-ray CAT scans [sic]" on the web page (you can see these photos here) then why were they not suppressed by evil Men in Black? 

Alien abduction cases abound. This is just one. Some are far more detailed and claim many more astounding things. I chose this one because I thought it was more evident of the thought processes of "abductees." It is my opinion that many of these abductees are already convinced that they are being abducted and then seek evidence to support it. More junk, reactionary science. 

Alien Implants (c)Barry Taylor 1996 (orginal article)



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