UFOs and Pig People
(?) June 20th, 2000

We caught this on our good friend Jeff Rense's website, and we couldn't resist the opportunity to ridicule it.

image snatched from jeffrense.comThis photo is from a 16th Century work called Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorum Chronicon, written by Conrad Lycosthenes and published in 1557.  This object was supposedly sighted over Arabia (a big place) in 1479 and summarily scribbled down in this tome of over 1500 drawings.  Sure, it looks like a spacecraft.  But it also looks like a lot of other things. 

This would be pretty cool and downright compelling, if you don't look at some of the rest of the pictures.  Like this one:

Yep, that's a pig with a human head.  Or a human with a pig's body.  The text blacked out on the left must be the work of the CIA, since they're the ones who do all that blacking-out of astounding revelations about UFOs!

This tells us two things.  One, that strange lights and such in the sky may be as old, at least, as this drawing.  Does this mean that aliens have been visiting our planet for centuries, and we still haven't been contacted by them directly or recovered some palpable physical evidence of their existence?  UFOs are supposedly crashing all the time, so they had to have been crashing back then, too.  Something would have had to turn up.  Unless you think that the American military has been keeping the secret under wraps since the days of the Holy Roman Empire, it's pretty likely that something would have been discovered long ago.  Two, this tells us that people who draw pig people in a possibly scientific journal are not the most trustworthy witnesses.  Unless pig people once roamed the deserts of northern Africa, of course.  That's almost as weird as Kreskin. 



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