Oooh, That Face!
(?) September 15th, 2000
For the longest time, UFOnuts were convinced that intelligent Martians had carved a human-like face in a location called Cydonia.  The hubbub was generated by a batch of photos from the Viking Mars Orbiter, which took the photos in 1976. 

What many people don't know is that NASA did not spring upon the photos immediately and say: "Look!  Thems is aliens!"  The photos languished in storage for years before anyone even attempted to associate them with intelligent beings.  However, the face was noted as an odd geographical formation, as a kind of novelty if nothing else. 

Even so, 1998 saw more detailed photographs of the region coming from NASA, and these images showed nothing out of the ordinary.  In face, the face had completely disappeared from the exact region.  

So, it seems that the scientific conclusion, that the face was a product of erosion and/or odd shadows seemed correct.  Obviously, the UFOnuts screamed "CONSPIRACY!" and the issue is still debated.

An article by Patrick Riley appeared recently on the FOX News website.  Throughout the article, Riley shows very little concern for hard evidence, and gives new artistic renderings of the age-old face some undeserved credibility. 

Judge for yourself.  The article can be found here.

thanks to CSICOP for alerting us to this development



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