The Roswellcome
(?) September 25th, 1997

A man named Jack Shulman has a website that claims that the much-loved transistor (which, if you didn't know, revolutionized just about every facet of our current technological infrastructure) was actually derived from technologies found in the alleged crashed UFO at Roswell. 

Well, a lot more people than just Mr. Shulman believes it, but his American Computer Company website on the topic, Roswell, 1947 is the most comprehensive one out there. 

It's an intriguing theory, but it seems much more likely to be science fiction than history. 

According to Roswell, 1947, Jerry Hartsell, former Chairman of IBM, has supposedly written a corroboration to this story in his autobiography.  I haven't read this autobiography, nor have I even heard of it.  A quick search on Amazon revealed no books by or about anyone named Jerry Hartsell.  A Dogpile search also revealed no pages about him.  What does this mean?  Nothing, really.  But you'd think that corroboration of such a weird theory by a seemingly trustworthy source would have made more noise than this. 

What makes this claim mostly unbelievable and unlikely is the fact that the transistor is perfectly capable of being produced by conventional, mundane, terrestrial science.  My detractors will say of course you'd say that, since you've been brought up to believe that it was developed by earthly science.  And the argument would probably end there.  But until the proponents of the Roswell-induced Information Age Theory can come up with definitive proof, it's going to be just another Weird Theory. 



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