The Right Fluff
(?) February 13th, 1999

image blatently stolen  from Stargate homepage

The so-called "Stargate Project" is a developing investigation into the connection between the earth and what the Project members call "the Cosmic Matriarchies."  Allegedly, the Sisterhood involves our planet (earth, for you ufonuts), the Pleiades star system and the star Sirius (the "dog star"). 

According to the members, the planet earth was visited and enriched by this Sisterhood as they communicated with the people of the ancient world. According to the site, they have supposedly made "connections between ancient Ireland, the ancient Dravidian culture of India, the Matriarchies, Tantra, the Pleiades."

This wonderful new discovery was made through analysis of "an ancient depiction of a cosmic-portal painted at the entry to a cave containing one of the most ancient representations of the constellation known as the Pleiades."

The director of this project is a man named Mark Roberts, a retired television director.  There is no doubt that Mr. Roberts is an intelligent, well-read man.  What comes into question is his objectivity and, some may say, his sanity. 

Exhibit A: (quotes from here)

"I had two contacts with Grays in my formative years, contacts with unique twists." 

Exhibit B:

"I had no love for the restrictions of academically-linked archaeology."

What other kinds of archaeology are there?  What we take this to mean is that Mr. Roberts has had no academic training in archaeology.  Perhaps the "academics" that he wished to avoid were the parts about objectivity and the scientific method.  Just a thought.

Exhibit C:

"Of course, the book, The Quest for Stargate contains even more details ~ and more important, about the research, not the trivias of my extended life." 

Ahh, so we see his true colors.  One of the fundamental parts of UFOlogy and so-called "spiritual studies" is a fervent belief in mercantilism, as we have seen in the past. 

There is also an open call to be a member of the "research team."  One way of garnering members is by encouraging people to take the "Starseed Quiz," an online test that supposedly determines whether or not the test-taker has "alien genes."  Some of the more pertinent questions include:

Do you enjoy being alone?
Do you occasionally (or, more often) sleep in the nude?
Have you noted an unexplainable attraction to certain people?
Do certain places create a strong sensitivity for you?
Do you believe in the natural superiority of women?
and, what has to be the real determining factor on whether or not you're an alien:
Do you like tapioca?

Our Editor took the test and scored a 75.  According to the results table:

You will be, or have been, contacted ~ do not be afraid -- it was for a family reunion.

Obviously, the scientific merit of this "Quest" is dubious at best, laughably inept at worst.  You can probably guess which side we're leaning toward. 



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