Pot on Kettle Crime
(?) October 5th, 1997

In late September, The Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) spoke out against R.J. Reynolds in protest of a full-page Winston cigarette ad that appeared in the Metro newspaper somewhere on the west coast.  CAUS says that the ad is defamatory of abductees and is summarily libelous.  The ad appears above; click it for the whole thing.

A few questions:

1 -- Is the position expressed in the ad really that far from the truth? 

All kidding aside, it is.  The gamut of people afflicted by these "abduction experiences" attests to the fact that even a humorous ad like that above alienates (pun, yes!) a somewhat large group of people.  The ad is akin to saying "Why are people who wet their beds all so evil?"  Also, an ad aimed at smokers that purports others as being stupid is a terminal case of pot on kettle color accusations.

2 -- Is the ad defamatory?

No.  It's in bad taste, but it's not libelous.  Nobody is going to see a cigarette ad and judge "abductees" accordingly.  If you rely on small-market cigarette ads for tips on character judgment...

3 -- Will a lawsuit ever happen?

No.  Be as it may, respect for "abductees" is nearly nonexistent.  Our staff of psychics tell us that it never will come to a lawsuit, but they've been wrong before.



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