Kentucky Fried Aliens
(?) December 29th, 1997

We've covered this ground before, but here we go again! 

The so-called alien autopsy was a complete fraud and a waste of time for everyone involved.  There are so many stupid errors (like the pathologist holding the dang scissors wrong) that taking the thing seriously is a vast leap of dementia.  But every year, it seems somebody has something new to say about it. 

A recent article, by Joe Longo, (from which the excerpts were taken) on Society of Operating Cameramen's website, linked from Sightings on the Radio, came to our attention.  It gives further details about how Dr. Leir, of MUFON, had lunch with the "discoverer" of the autopsy film, Ray Santilli.  Up to that point, Santilli had sent only two little pieces of the film to be analyzed by Kodak (and had lied about sending it to the Royal Society of London, who claimed no knowledge of ever being asked to date the film).  Neither of the pieces had anything at all to do with aliens and could have been from any reel of film from 1947.  According to Dr. Leir, Santilli slipped him a few "actual" samples from the film to be analyzed, but without the public's knowledge: 

                   ...Rense [host of Sightings:OR]
                     further inquired of Dr. Leir why
                     Santilli has never come forward
                     himself and offered a sample of
                     the original film for analysis. Leir
                     stated Santilli explained that if had
                     he done so this long after the
                     film's release he would no doubt
                     become the center of a new
                     controversy over his timing and
                     would probably be accused of
                     media manipulation and charges
                     of hoax...allegations he has no
                     desire to experience.

Yeah, 'cause who likes it when the public finally gets smart about something?</sarcasm> 

Later in the article, there is a Japanese interview with the alleged cameraman of the autopsy: 

               Question #19: Why did you keep the film
                 after 50 years?
               Answer: I didn't present film to an eager
                 buyer, it didn't happen that way. One thing
                 lead to another and I felt that there was no
                 reason to keep hold of it any longer. Also I
                 needed money at the time. 

Make note of the last sentence there.  I think you'll find it a running theme: desperate men do desperate things.

Harry Joyner, President of the Photo-Lab, has his own opinions about the Alien Autopsy video, most notably with the so-called experts on the video.  His article appears here.  In his own words: 

                 I am a skeptic. I also am a cinematographer right out of
                 the 1940s and a special effects technician out of 
                 the Eighties.

He goes on to highlight his credentials, which center mostly around filming and camerawork.  But his credentials say nothing about science, or even science-fiction.  This doesn't stop him: 

                     Many of us are quick to presume
                     that life can't exist under certain
                     conditions or that light speed is a
                     universal speed limit.

Most of the general public that I personally know are very quick to claim that light speed is not a universal speed limit, and I find myself in arguments with them about it constantly.  Traveling linearly through space at the speed of light is absolutely impossible.  One requires infinite energy and expands to infinite mass.  This is as far as my understanding goes (which comes from high school physics, Carl Sagan books, and lots of science fiction materials). 

Mr. Joyner goes on: 

                     The prospect of several species of
                     aliens coming to Earth at the same
                     time -or perhaps at all- according
                     to Dr. Carl Sagan, is remote. The
                     different appearances of the several
                     of whom we have photographs do
                     appear different enough to be
                     separate species.

Wait a doggurmed minute! Who photographed aliens?  Where are the undisputed, undoctored photographs of alien life (Michael Jackson doesn't count)?  I have yet to see them, and my antennae are up for those kinds of things.  Surely they would have been in the New York Times.  He certainly couldn't mean the Autopsy video, for there is only one "alien" in it.  He seems to be tackling the whole alien abduction mythos by himself.  Who's dumb enough to try that?! 

He goes on: 

                     A compelling experiment might be,
                     however, to find an African Pygmy
                     about 70 years old,
                     slump-shouldered and scrawny,
                     perhaps displaying a four-day beard.
                     Stand him beside a beautiful
                     six-foot, golden-haired, Finnish
                     24-year-old maiden with perfect
                     proportions. Show the two of them,
                     naked, to an extraterrestrial from the
                     planet Twerg who is totally
                     unfamiliar with earthlings and he'll
                     probably presume the two of them
                     are from different species.

This is where Mr. Joyner's credibility as a science-speculator falls flat.  The Twergian would not "probably presume" that at all.  He would have learned from studying our ecosystem that bilateral symmetry, four limbs, body hair and sexual dimorphism are extremely common throughout the larger life forms.  His knowledge of other forms of life on our planet would tell him that sometimes the male of the species is far smaller than the female (some species of fish come to mind).  The bottom line is that he wouldn't presume anything at all.  He would study and analyze and decipher until he determined exactly what these two specimens were.  He would do exactly the opposite of what a UFOlogist would do.  I suppose we need more aliens on our television shows (I might regret that last bit). 

The woman who recently brought this whole thing out into the light again is Theresa Carlson, who released a running commentary of the autopsy video, giving it a skeptical and highly-critical analysis.  Among her findings: 

               Carlson's twenty-minute video reveals, for
                 example, a blood splat on the wall behind the
                 head of the alien corpse which is first seen
                 in Reel #59, but missing from Reel #61...the
                 blood splat reappears in Reel #62 however!
                 Additionally she shows a frame--purported to
                 be from Reel #59-- in which blood is dripping
                 from the lower edge of the opened
                 abdominal cavity. Reel #61 shows that very
                 blood drip just beginning to form.


               The inconsistencies in the released autopsy
                 movie mean to me that the movie was filmed
                 in several different takes, and probably using
                 more than one body from the same mould as

The article (again, on Society of Operating Cameramen's website) is actually quite good, and is given a healthy, skeptical bent.



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