Hard(ly) Evidence
(?) February 11th, 1999

NBC is advertising their latest prime-time expose, Confirmation, (their last expose being a show that revealed to an unwitting public that professional wrestling was fake) as the Holy Grail of Ufonuts.  They make no lofty claims, except that skeptics who watch the show will be absolutely convinced that flying saucers exist and that we are being visited by an alien race. 

Well, their hard evidence seems pretty soft to this skeptic. 

The commercial being aired does show some footage of a UFO that I have never seen before, and it looks as though it could be an actual flying saucer.  And those flying saucers in Mars Attacks! looked pretty realistic, too.  And the ones in Independence Day kinda looked real.  Essentially, the clip they showed on the commercial was more of the usual "grainy, jumpy camcorder footage with a soundtrack of stunned hayseeds." 

Look for a full review of the program on Wednesday night. 

And on a side note, the site that NBC links to for information on Confirmation is mysteriously offline.  I think we all know what this means...



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