Flying Fascists
(?) October 1st, 1997

Ernst Zundel is a neo-nazi Canadian publisher (who, among other things, claims that the Holocaust was a hoax). The name of his publishing house is Samisdat, which published his book UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapons? This book claims that UFOs are actually secret Nazi flying craft that still exist, flying from a home base in... you knew this was coming...the South Pole. 

What is more amazing than the fact that someone would even pretend to believe this is that the person who believes this has people who believe him. It reminds me of the old Obi Wan Kenobi quote, "Who's the more foolish: the fool, or the fool that follows him?" 

Well, there are people who believe this stuff. So many that Zundel has put out quite a few pamphlets and newsletters for the poor souls who agree with him. Zundel has "planned" a trip to Antarctica (by passenger jet, of course) to discover his Nazi brethren living and breathing in a rare area of tropical weather (which is nearly impossible geologically. But details like scientific feasibility don't seem to concern Zundel). Some evidence of this theory, you ask? Well, in his book, Zundel questions the motives behind a U-Boat captured with a full load of cigarettes (and nothing else) weeks after the end of the war. I suppose he connects this with a secret Nazi base, since even German UFO commanders need their smokes! This is a copy of the pamphlet (borrowed from these wonderful people

Much more frightening than belief that Nazis are our beloved UFOs is Zundel's very public Neo-Nazism and claims that the Holocaust was a Jewish hoax. This "theory" (against all evidence) is the most backward, insulting and demeaning parade of pseudo-science that this skeptic has ever seen. 

Although science is, by its very nature, devoid of emotion, I cannot help but to speak my few cents-worth on the only public forum I have. I am not Jewish, Polish, homosexual or any of the other minorities that the Nazis slaughtered. I am a Scottish/Welsh/Irish/English boy from West Virginia, whose family has been here since the country was born. My great-uncles, grandfather and countless cousins spent four years of their lives fighting in Europe. To say that the single most disgusting event of the last 200 years was a hoax is an insult to humanity. I am saying nothing new, I am not a member of the countless groups actively fighting these Neo-Nazis, and I am not a Jew whose entire family died as a result of Hitler's whims. But I think one more voice against that of fascism is the best I have. 

The irony here is that Zundel is exercising rights he would not have had if his side had won. I don't think he realizes this.


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