The Battle of Los Angeles
(?) September 13th, 2000
Way back on February 25th, 1942, batteries of antiaircraft guns near Los Angeles, California, fired a barrage of nearly 2,000 rounds of 12 pound, high explosive shells at what appeared to be an invading aircraft.  This craft was apparently unharmed and unmoved by this attack. 

This story has been embraced by paranormalites as evidence of a UFO appearing in public five years before the Kevin Arnold sighting that started the wave of UFO paranoia.  It lends credence to their basic ideas that UFOs are magically invulnerable to any kind of damage (and the laws of physics, apparently), that UFOs are so enigmatic that they hover in mid-air for no obvious reason while the native primates lob high-impact projectiles at their ship, and that UFOs have been with humanity at least since World War 2 (though many would place that length of contact much more distantly).

Of course, there is a skeptical side to this issue.  A man named Paul Novak has built an excellent site around this and other skeptical issues.  You can find it here.



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