You Never See the One That Gets You
(?) August 7th, 1997

We think this article, reproduced in its entirety, pretty much speaks for itself.  We've since lost the correct notation, and have no idea where it came from.  

Psychic Madam Bell had a thriving business, partly based on her advice on how to avoid bad luck. Early Tuesday morning, a jogger found Madam Bell's body floating face down in a shallow reflecting pool behind the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Buckhead. A medical examiner said she accidentally drowned.  "What you see for others you cannot always see for yourself ," said fellow psychic Mother Margaret. 

Police found Madam Bell's flowery black straw purse on a bench and her shoes in a grassy area near the reflecting pool, said Atlanta police homicide Sgt. Scott Bennett. Her black 1999 Mercedes 500-S was parked nearby. 

Inside her purse was cash she had planned to deposit at a bank, said Betty Honey, an investigator with the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office. 

An autopsy revealed the 54-year-old Madam Bell, who also went by the names Judy Marks and Dina Adams, had drowned. Finding no evidence of foul play, investigators ruled her death an accident. 

Bennett speculated she may have been wading in the pool, or planned to cool her feet, and perhaps slipped and fell in. 

"Nobody knows what she was doing out there," Honey said. 

Madam Bell's husband, Bill Marks, was out of town for the weekend and returned Tuesday morning. 

The psychic's family reported her missing at 3 a.m. The jogger who found her in the pool, Bob Johnston, called 911 at 8 a.m. 

Madam Bell had worked as a psychic in Atlanta for 35 years out of her business on Cheshire Bridge Road. Many customers were attracted by her late-night TV commercials. She specialized in upbeat predictions, but also warned customers of evil influences and bad luck. 

Her predictions weren't always on the mark. 

She had divined that President Clinton would not be elected to a second term. 

And days before this year's Super Bowl, Madam Bell saw a win for the Falcons. 


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