(?) September 28th, 2000
Recently, the Russian submarine, Kursk, suffered a massive disaster in which all hands were lost.  The mystery is still unsolved, though the main theory is that some kind of human error caused a fatal chain reaction of explosions inside the hull.  Read all about it here.

Because it was such a major disaster that resulted in the loss of many lives, a psychic prophet predicted it many years before the incident.  Also like many such predictions, nobody realized that she had made the prophecy until a month after the disaster.

The woman in question is Vanga, a Bulgarian psychic who supposedly predicted many other things that never happened.  We looked for some information on her, but the best we could find is a short obituary after her death in 1996. 

The story goes, she predicted the loss of the Kursk in 1980.  From the Netizens for Spin-Free News:

Among the predictions she said "Kursk will be underwater, and the whole world will mourn about it." She also went on to say, "it can happen in 1999 or in 2000. But that it would happen for sure in the month of August."

Sounds pretty creepy, I know.  Go here for the full article. 

There are definitely flaws, and we could point them out.  Here are a couple:

- Kursk is also a city, and there's nothing to say that she was thinking of a submarine when she made it.  Shouldn't she have been more specific, maybe my mentioning the fact that it was a craft and not a location?

- 1999 and 2000 are years that made excellent targets for all kinds of disastrous tragedies.  That she would choose either years is nothing amazing.

We really have no idea how many other predictions she made, or how accurate they were.  We'll go by NSFN again:

According to Russian Psychologist Tatiana Somova, psychic predictions are easy to believe after-the-fact and that many of Vanga's predictions have passed without being fulfilled.

There you go. 



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