Stupid Mind Tricks
(?) August 9th, 1997

Famed "mentalist" Uri Geller has his own homepage.  Not only that, but he has his own domain at, and he has his own "glossy magazine" called Encounters. 

Geller is famous for allegedly misleading millions of people who would swear by Geller's authenticity as a psychic.  A man named James Randi, a former magician who has dedicated his life to a Houdini-esque hunt for magicians and showmen claiming to be supernatural, exposed Geller for what he is on national TV, during a Tonight Show appearance by Geller.  Randi made sure that Geller and his people never went near the various spoons and keys (which Geller claimed he could bend with his mental powers), all at the request of Johnny Carson, himself a former magician and noted skeptic.  Not surprisingly, Geller claimed that his powers were not feeling right, that his "energies" were not powerful enough for a demonstration.  That marked the beginning of the end for Geller's very public persona.

On Geller's homepage, one can order a "Mindpower Kit," though the actual price of it is never stated on the page.  The Kit comes with:

  • a book
  • a crystal
  • an audio tape
  • something called a "meditation circle"

The book comes with such interesting chapters as:

  • Visualization

  • Willpower

  • Colour Therapy

  • Crystals

  • Dowsing

  • How To Develop Your ESP

  • Psychokinesis

  • Living With Your Powers



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