Psychic Energy
(?) August 7th, 1997

There is a group called The New England Society for Psychic Research that claims to have homegrown pictures of "ghosts" and "psychic energy."

What the site lacks is science.  They don't have any of it.  At all.  In one investigation of a woman's home (which the investigators believe is haunted by her late husband), they make such startlingly scientific discoveries as 

It was a very strange coincidence that the male investigator had the same first name as Normaís husband, brother, and father.

If her husband's name was Bob or John, then this hardly strange. 

The next night, Saturday, two more female researchers spent the night at the house. Shortly after arriving, they began to take pictures and tape recordings. One of the researchers felt her hair being lightly touched. They both saw something move in the window of the kitchen door. At first they thought it might be a tree outside, but in the morning they realized there was no tree.


Both women experienced strange dreams that involved Norma and the left side of the house. In their dreams, they heard a manís voice but were unable to distinguish what he was saying.


[The old woman]  then began to feel her legs shaking beyond control. Her lower body began to bounce up and down shaking the bed. The male researcher tried to hold down her legs, but to no avail. The three investigators could see the bed moving and banging into the wall and bouncing off the floor.

There are many medical conditions that cause seizures, let alone the effects of stress and anxiety.  But then we get these "Researchers" true colors: 

One researcher finally remembered to sprinkle holy water, which ended the attack.

The site also has many "psychic photographs" of such things as "ghosts" and "entities."  This caption, for example:

Animals are major attractions for psychic energy and those of you with pets may attest to how sensitive your animals are to things you can neither see nor feel. The dining room of a haunted home in Connecticut is the setting for this photograph of a little seven year old girl and her pal, Midas. If you look closely you may be able to see the now familiar pattern of swirling energy in this light rod.

The "researchers" make no attempt to explain this "light rod" as anything but a supernatural phenomenon.  True science or not?  The evidence speaks for itself. 



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