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March 27th, 2001

Want to know when we update our site?

Join our mailing list.  Just become a member at the below website, and you'll get an email every time we update our site!  Also, it allows a listserv discussion group that allows all of us to engage in meaningful conversation about our favorite subjects.  

In using this, you have my personal promise that your email address will not be used by me for any other reason at all.  That means you'll never get spam from me, and I'll never send you anything that doesn't directly relate to this website.  

One of my goals for the Skeptic Report is to maintain a no-ads website.  I've been lucky enough so far that I don't need any extra money that advertising on the Skeptic Report would provide.  part of that is to keep my readers on my side, and not exploit you for my own monetary gain. 

Unfortunately, in signing up for the discussion group, you need to get a Yahoo ID.  I can't speak for them; they might spam you.  In all honesty, I've never had a problem with that from them.

So, join up today!  


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[?] We're Four Years Old!
February 2nd, 2001

Four years ago this month, I had an epiphany.

I was walking down High Street, the main thoroughfare of Morgantown, West Virginia, when it hit me: skeptics are boring dudes!

With the exception of Penn and Teller (and the occasionally randy Randi), skeptics are all stodgy, stuffed shirt, tweed jacket types with blank faces and nasally voices.  They debunk the woo-woo paranormalites with facts and deductive arguments, but they don't have much of a sense of humor.

We thought it was time that someone come onto the scene with a BA instead of a BS, with a cackling laugh instead of a smirky giggle, and with a hairy, hammy fist instead of a scalpel.  

Since I liked sites that were updated on a regular basis, and since I had recently come into a vague awareness of the internet, the conclusion seemed obvious.

The Daily Skeptic began, and I subsequently started making fun of people.  

Since then, we've changed servers twice, changed our URL five times, narrowly avoided a lawsuit, and hopefully gathered a good group of faithful readers who will stay with us for the years to come.  Thanks, guys.  Your complimentary comments are what keep me going.  It's been a labor of love without making me a single penny, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

We're just getting started.  

Send me your birthday wishes!

[?] A Whole New Look!
January 8th, 2001

Yep, we've gone and done it again!  

You're looking at the latest update to the visual representation of the site, which means that we were bored over the weekend and decided to undertake a crapload of work that we were not prepared for.  It's taken us two days to get this thing working, and it looks like we've finally done it.  

In all, this new look is more functional, easier to navigate, and easier to link.  Perhaps best of all, it only takes up 100K on my server, thanks to the comparatively tiny number of graphics.  Enjoy! 

Tell us what you think. 


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