Sasquatch Where You Step
(?) June 15th, 1998

Yet another topic we've covered before, but it's also one topic that never seems to die.  It's also one of those topics for which skeptics can only sit back and wait for some evidence to appear in the hands of one of those bigfoot watchers. 

I can try to be smug and irreverent on this topic, but I just can't.  It's one of the few chinks in my skeptical armor, something that reminds me that I do accept the possibility of some things, and that I don't just dismiss everything out of hand.  I need that reminder sometimes. 

Why do I believe that bigfoot might be possible?  Here are a couple reasons:

It's not strange that no bones have been found.  Remains of dead animals don't last long in the wilderness of the northwest.  Even today, some aircraft that crash into the forests of the northwest are never found.  Thus, it is not a stretch that some large primate may have survived. 

OK, guys and gals.  Disprove me.  Give me some evidence/logic to the contrary and I'll post it in a future update.  I promise. 



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