Bigfoot Takes a Breather
(?) October 4th, 2000

photo courtesy nwen.comIf you believe 14 researchers working for the past week in Gifford Pinchot (or Frank Bronson, if you're on the up and up) national forest, the existence of the sasquatch has been all but confirmed.

These researchers apparently found the body imprint of a bigfoot somewhere deep in the forest, where they had been tracking the creature.  They apparently also found some hair, which is being DNA tested, and recorded the being's very scary noises, which is also being tested, though what exactly they're testing for remains to be revealed.

You can see a poorly set-up shot of the imprint above, and a fuzzy, streaming video of the cable news report here

We really can't say much about this, either to refute it or support it, because most of the information we have comes in form of the investigators saying "this is definitely real" and similar statements.  There is nothing really to look at, nothing really to examine, etc. 

Some details are definitely interesting, such as the alleged thermal imaging imprint they discovered at the location in question.  Thermal imaging is very difficult to fake, and the equipment is also very expensive.  If the tape of the imprint really does show the afterimage of a large, 7-8 foot, 800-1000 lb creature resting on its side, then the evidence is compelling.  Ditto for the results of the DNA test. 

As we've said before, bigfoot is one area of Fortean nonsense that makes slightly more sense than most of the rest of it.  I, for one, am interested to see what comes of all this.

Go here for the full story. 



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