(?) May 20th, 2000

The Coso Artifact is a sparkplug-looking doohickey encased in rock.  Well, it's more like a rock-like substance.  At some point in its life, an owner cut it in half, supposedly to get a better look at its contents.  The belief held by its owner and supporters is that the Coso Artifact is the creation of some ancient, technologically advanced species that visited earth and deposited this artifact somewhere in the United States.  .Pierre Stromberg, of Paranormal Northwest (a Seatle-based skeptics group) has reportedly been contacted by a mysterious owner of two other artifacts that are allegedly related in some way to the Coso Artifact.  They have been studying these artifacts for a few months, and are preparing some kind of major announcement on June 10th, 2000.

We're assuming that the "new" evidence that he has is somehow disproving the origin of these two new artifacts, although the page linked below looks much more like a paranormalite site than anything else.  No matter what this evidence happens to be, it really can't have anything valid to say about the Coso Artifact, since they are obviously not the Coso Artifact.  Their mysterious origins from some unknown collector means they could have easily been constructed in someone's garage.  It should be interesting, nonetheless.

For more information, go to Mr. Stromberg's Coso Artifact Preview Page.



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