Science For Morons
(?) August 11th, 1999

We're not objective scientists all the time.  Sometimes, our own beliefs crop up in our entries, and we don't usually try to hide it.  This is going to be one of those entries, where our own beliefs are going to be really obvious...even if you're not a skeptic.

There is an organization called the Institute for Creation Research, which is dedicated to filling the minds of everyone (but children, especially) with the theological, hopelessly subjective, unintelligent (nay, stupid), inept and ultimately superstitious idea that we are here as the result of an intelligent creator plopping us down on earth.  This, in the face of volumes upon volumes of research and scientific inquiry that indicates that human beings are the product of an ancient and fundamentally biological process called natural selection. 

In their own words:
No one has ever observed large-scale evolutionary changes. How could evolutionists possibly be certain it really happened? Likewise, no one has ever observed creation taking place. How can creationists be certain? 

It's a good question, but I think I can answer it.  Evolutionists simply can't be certain about whether it really happened.  But they can study, research, experiment and observe, all leading to a hopefully better-understood accumulation of facts about life on earth.  This is what we base evolution on, not the words in a 2000-year old book with questionable origins.  But the Creationists have their own answer:

Actually there was one who observed creation, the Creator Himself!
And He wrote His actions and observations down in a book, the accuracy of which has been well demonstrated. 

It has also been well demonstrated that the writers of the Bible were not a Supreme Being, but rather normal human beings.  Since human beings also write a lot of fiction (in fact, they write all the fiction), how can we be certain that the Bible is not also fiction?  Also, would a Perfect Supreme Being write a book with mistakes in it?  Or one with contradictions?  And there are hundreds of contradictions, even with seemingly important facts like how many women visited Jesus Christ's tomb!  But that's another subject for another rant.

The hallmark of creation science is that it ignores the insights and facts that evolution has given us and concentrates on its flaws.  No scientist will say that evolution is a perfect theory, because it isn't.  But there is no compelling evidence to show that any other theory is as viable as natural selection. 

Another sticking point for creationists is that evolution is just a "theory" and thus is no more right or wrong than creationism.  That's true, it is just a theory.  But it's not a theory because Darwin wrote a book about natural's a theory because it can be substantiated with real critical thinking and scientific methodology.  We're starting to repeat ourselves.  More on this subject as the days go by...

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