Creationistic Junk
(?) August 15th, 1997

Creationists claim that God created the universe and everything in it exactly the way it is now.  They claim that evolution does not prove its points and that there is no evidence in the fossil record.  The Creationists are wrong. 

Not on any other subject can I make this judgment.  The opposition to evolution (or Creationists in general)  are misguided, misinformed and ridiculously ignorant of the world around them. 

The homepage of Creation Science (a contradictory statement) is rife with all kinds of "evidences against evolution," and points that they believe make their beliefs scientifically factual.  They are making the most grotesque mistake that a person, especially a scientist, can make: they have a theory they wish to prove and actively seek out evidence to support this theory, ignoring all contradictory facts that stand in their way.  It is the path toward cultural stupidity, and is a very large step backward.

At the end of their "Quick Explanation" page, they have a statement:

There is no reason not to believe that God created our universe, earth, plants, animals, and people just as described in the book of Genesis!

The people in charge of this site are but a fraction of the people that believe this garbage.  The fact that they wish to teach it alongside evolution in schools is frightening.



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