Book Learnin'
(?) January 16th, 2001
This story comes straight to us from MSNBC.  Quite frankly, we're neither surprised nor happy about this.  We remember from our own educations that science classes taught us many a pseudoscientific lesson, passed off as factual.  Chief among them was a certain Junior High science teacher who seriously believed that the alignment of planets in 1995 was going to cause the earth to shift on its axis, causing massive destruction and climatic catastrophe.  We're still recovering from pubescent fears about that one. 

Here's the gist:

A two-year research project has learned that the science text books used by 85% of grammar and high school students were literally jam-packed with ridiculous errors and faulty information.  Here are some examples:

- a map that depicts the equator running through the southern US

- a photo of Linda Ronstadt with a caption that describes her as "a silicon crystal"

- a misstatement of Newton's first law of physics

- "an incorrect depiction of what happens to light when it passes through a prism"

The director of this research, a physics professor named John Hubisz , gives his thoughts on the issue:

"These are terrible books, and they’re probably a strong component of why we do so poorly in science...”

Give that man a cigar!



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