People Die
(?) May 1st, 2001

It's as simple as that.  It happens to everybody.  

It even happens to people involved in famous incidents.  People allegedly involved in the evidence-scant conspiratorial JFK assassination die sometimes, too.  Some of the people responsible for digging up an ancient Pharaoh's tomb died, also, but not because of a curse.  There never was a curse; that was made up entirely by overzealous journalists.  

Death is an unfortunate reality.  Not too long ago, a man named Ron Bonds died.  He was the publisher of Illuminet Press, an alternative press for loopy paranormal and conspiracy books.  

Because of his unique profession, this poor man's early demise has sparked a storm of conspiracy theories.  Maybe I shouldn't be surprised by this, but that makes it no less pitiful.

It makes no sense to assassinate a person who champions theories like this.  If some of Mr. Bonds's information is correct, and the conspiracy had him killed to silence him, then that immediately draws attention to them.  People will subsequently pour over the subject's publications, and the odds increase that the conspiracy will be uncovered, which is what the conspiracy allegedly wished to prevent by killing him in the first place.

We gathered most of this information from Ken Thomas's column on the publisher's death at  


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