An American Overkill
(?) July 20th, 1999

We are fully prepared to admit a few things about this tragedy.  First, it's sad that three people had to die in a decidedly unpleasant way.  Second, it's odd that this family (the Kennedys) has had so many decidedly bad things happen to it.  Third, JFK Jr. was an attractive man. 

Not a single reason above accounts for why the press has flooded every possible medium with minute-by-minute news.  Last I checked, he was still dead.

So you think we're being a tad mean-spirited?  No, we're being a lot mean-spirited. 

The Kennedys were not known for their love of publicity; it's not too much of a stretch to think that if JFK Jr. were still alive, he'd probably be a little miffed at the press, too. 

ANYWAY, enough ranting, we do have something skeptical to offer you today (after an extremely long hiatus...yes, it's true....real life does take priority).  This whole JFK Jr. thing has brought conspiracy theorists out from under their rocks again. 

One truly dedicated conspiracist has linked TWA 800, Pierre Salinger, Princess Di, JFK and JFK Jr. all into one mass conspiracy, and the nuts over at Jeff Rense are all-ears. 

Amazingly, Jeff Rense's loyal internet followers are also the voice of reason in this debate!  Yes, you read that correctly, Jeff Rense's people actually wrote a skeptical rebuttle.  Now, if we can only get them to use their brains a little more often...



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