Chump Change
(?) September 11th, 1997

A running theme throughout the sites and news stories we investigate is the Plea For Chump Money.  Most sites (including this one) want your money for the funding of whatever weird operations they do.  This is's not as bad as having a site whose only purpose is making money and scamming people out of their Chump Money. 

Of course, we don't mean that the psychics over at The Psychic Internet are scamming people...but if they claim to be two of the most professional, experienced, and qualified Psychic-Intuitives in the United States, with more than a half-century of combined proven experience..., then the least they could do is use those bountiful abilities to prove that they deserve your Chump Money because they're actually the real psychics that so many people have been looking for.  Yeah.  Probably not gonna happen.

You can go over to their site and look at all the stuff they have over there.  You can look at their Answers to Commonly Asked Questions and read about how they don't need to even talk to the person they're scamming (oh, I mean "reading").  ANd you can marvel at their 90% accuracy, but wonder aloud about why they don't have any proof of these claims on their page. 

Perhaps the most telling answer on this list of answers is the answer to this question:

What is the biggest "gripe" you have about people who submit questions? 

Laughter. Well, actually, when people want to play a guessing game. What I mean by that is that they think they will "test" our abilities by providing very little information. What they don't realize is that the more information they provide, the more accurate their reading and the longer the reading they get. Wanting to "test" our abilities is not the best use for their money since they could get so much more if they give a full picture of their issue. 

A person who claims to have real psychic powers who is also unwilling to let people "test" her...should we be surprised by this?

You can also read their Recent Emails page with so-called real testimonials from real users.  But, save the form letters from various net award sites, the "testimonials" have no names, dates or email addresses to indicate that they came from anywhere but the ether.

For some reason, they also claim to have copyrighted the word "psi."  Can we play, too?  We hereby copyright the following words: alpha, beta, gamma, kappa, sigma, delta, epsilon, phi, pi, omega, and some others that we can't remember right now.  But we copyrighted them, so you can't use 'em!

Like we usually say, we can't prove that the Psychic Internet people are frauds.  Maybe they actually believe that they're psychics.  Maybe they actually believe that they're helping people through the tough times in their lives, by giving them a glimpse of the future, like some kind of metaphysical pat on the back. 

ugh...I think our sarcasm is finally making me sick...



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