Spinning in His Grave
(?) August 10th, 1997

This guy's not a fraud.  Of course not.  It's not like he's obsessed or anything. 

From Reuters 

'Weeping' Elvis Statue Rocks Small Dutch Town 

DEURNE, Netherlands (Reuter) - The small town of Deurne in the southern 
Netherlands has been rocked by claims that a bust of Elvis Presley has started to weep. 

As the 20th anniversary of Elvis's death approaches, a 46-year old Dutchman 
says his statue of the King has begun to shed "tears of joy." 

"He is crying for all his fans around the world," Toon Nieuwenhuisen told Reuters.  "He knows how much they love him." 

Visitors to the house are welcomed by Nieuwenhuisen wearing a wig and dressed in full Vegas-style gear, and taken upstairs to a dimly-lit bedroom to see a white, plaster bust of Elvis, dressed in its own black cape -- with tears seemingly running down its cheeks. 

What started as an item in the local paper a few days ago has now attracted 
national and international television crews to witness the phenomenon. 

Nieuwenhuisen, a life-long fan and professional Presley impersonator, claims not only to be in daily contact with his dead idol, but also to be possessed with his spirit when he gets up on stage. 

"Elvis has told me 'my ghost is in you' and I feel him in my legs when I'm singing," he said. 

An official at the local tourist office said curious visitors were starting to be drawn to the sleepy provincial town east of Eindhoven. 

"We know where his house is and when people ask, we show them on the map." 




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