Three Men and a Baby Goatsucker
(?) September 24th, 1997

Sightings on the Radio recently posted a story that starts out tragically: 

In the early hours of wendsday, September 17, 1997,a young man was murdered in a desolate street of La Colectora community, located in Santurce, Puerto Rico...

Then this: 

a small vial like jar was found at the site, in close proximity to the man, containing, according to those who handled it, a strange type embryo, a small creature of anomalous physical details. Immediately it was described by some as an alien Grey or a Chupacabras embryo.

The hysteria continued from this point, after a local television station contacted a local reporter. Not surprisingly, this "journalist" happens to be a UFO investigator. His story as posted on Sightings on the Radio continues in the vein of standard UFO/Conspiracy paranoia, with local Air Force bases being called in as parts of this alleged conspiracy. 

The photo at top was found at Alienated Labs' website. Alienated Labs is a company specializing in UFO groupie memorabilia and paraphernalia, from the above Alien Goat Sucker Embryo Key chain (pictured) to alien head key chains to just about everything else. 

This comes into play later in the story. It continues

According to the young woman who called us, Maritza Díaz, a young military man had been killed and next to him, inside his car, was found a jar with a strange fetus or embryo that did not look human nor had the looks of any known animal, saying it seemed to be something alien or extraterrestrial. They wanted an expert opinion on the matter, and wanted us to examine the physical details of the alleged embryo.


According to cameraman Alfonso Sánchez, after Puerto Rico Police Homicide detectives Jesús Cruz and Héctor Santiago arrived at the site, together with district attorney Lourdes Acevedo, the scene was examined thoroughly, and during a search in the car's backseat, forensic sciences investigators found, in the inside pocket of a green military type suit, a manila envelope in which a small vial like object was found. The strange embryo was found in this vial, wich consisted of a small crystal bottle of about 3 to 3 and 1/2 inches long and about an inch wide, filled with a viscous thick translucent colorless liquid. The embryo was surrounded by the substance.

More on the appearance of the "embryo": 

[elongated pear shaped head with big almond shaped black eyes, almost no nostrils and without ears or auditive holes. It had two apparent small fangs protruding out from its little, lipless mouth]. The rest of the body seems compatible with that of a so called Grey alien humanoid creature [very pale, with some apparent blood on it and scraped out areas, two thin small arms with small three fingered hands and four toes]

Now you can see why the key chain above brings this entire encounter into question. 

The story continues as a conspiracy rant, accusing the reporters on the TV station of covering up the story, who later claimed it to be a key chain similar to the one above, and that it was a case of mistaken suspicions all along. The writer of the article consistently claims that the embryo was real (thanks to "eyewitness" accounts by people who claimed to work for the Forensics department). The writer also makes the allegation that these reporters are conspirators and not rational skeptics (which would seem to be the case, if said case is observed by a similarly rational person). 



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