A.R.E. We Having Fun Yet?
(?) December 28th, 1997

The A.R.E. is a group of people "actively studying and applying Edgar Cayce's timeless wisdom and his practical suggestions for experiencing a better life."  Edgar Cayce is the "most documented psychic of all time," however great an accomplishment that is.  The group claims that Cayce's work spanned 10,000 different subjects, all of them important to the modern world. 

The so-called importance of these subjects is highly debatable, chiefly among them Cayce's adherence to the concept of Extra Sensory Perception.  ESP is an unproven pseudo-scientific concept that involves everything from psychometry (the supernatural gathering of information from objects) to telekinesis.  A.R.E.'s page has little actually about this "phenomenon" but it does have a humorous little test (which requires Shockwave) to determine whether or not you are a psychic.  This total disbeliever in ESP managed an "Excellent" score.  But that probably has nothing to do with anything... 



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