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...Reed claimed to have been hiking in the woods of Washington State when his dog was disintegrated by an alien. Reed claims to have picked up a tree branch and bashed the alien's skull in. He then claims to have video taped and photographed a UFO that appeared in the woods nearby and then says he took the alien home where he stuffed it in a freezer.

- Royce J. Meyers III

more soup?

We're the loudest blow against pseudoscience.  We intend to keep blowing.

We hate it when people believe something without thinking it through.  Our goal is to combat this pitiful human tendency with
hard-won skepticism and critical thinking.  We yank the believers and flimflammers out of their emotive reveries and smack them around a bit in a public forum of our own design.  We like it when they smack back.

So, peruse our numerous articles and

 features.  Tell us what you think.  If you don't like what you read, then write all of your criticisms on a small piece of notarized, recyclable paper and eat it.  

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