Oh, That's What IT is!
(?) January 15th, 2001

According to MSNBC, this image is a patent submission for some kind of "wearable car" drawn by Dean Kamen, inventor extraordinaire.  Many have cited this patent as the answer to the mystery of IT, a subject we covered in this article

This drawing is pretty close to what Technology Boy described on the MSNBC newsboard.  It makes perfect sense that the mysterious new transportation device that Kamen has invented would be based on other gadgets that he was responsible for, like the iBot wheelchair (which shares some functional similarities to IT). 

Here's what Kamen has had to say recently about IT, a device he has been reticent to discuss until now:

We have a promising project, but nothing of the Earth-shattering nature that people are conjuring up."

That eases our minds a bit, but it's also slightly disappointing.  I would have liked to see hover bikes or fusion-powered personal helicopters.  All of the information we have about IT was gleaned from a book proposal that we detailed in our last entry.  Here's what Kamen has to say about the value of using this document as a source of information:

The leaked proposal quoted several prominent technology leaders out of context, without their doubts, risks and maybes included."

Quoting out of context is a bad thing?  This guy ought to get in touch with the UFO community.  They could learn a lot.

Anyway, back to IT. 

Here's a short description gleaned from The Washington Post:

The drawing looks like a pogo stick with a single wheel under it that you can’t push over, no matter how hard you try. “Sort of ‘B.C.’ meets George Jetson in the form of a Razor on steroids,” as Paul Saffo of the Institute for the Future put it yesterday.
If Ginger is indeed a kind of 60 mph wheeled witch’s broom, there would be a sort of outlandish logic to it, given the inventor’s background.

I'll be first in line for one of these babies.  It sounds like fun, until you whip around one of these West Virginia back roads and slam into a tree.  I'd better wear a helmet.



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