Immortality for a Price
(?) August 11th, 1997

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 A man named Alex Chiu claims to have invented what he calls an "Eternal Life Device."  It basically consists of two separate devices: finger rings and foot braces.  Worn when one sleeps, these devices are purported to make one live forever. 

I hardly know where to begin on this one. 

Here is one of the "testimonials": 

Alex Chiu, I would like to ask you a question. Are you Jesus Christ the second coming? I have read many bible prophecies and prophecies of Norsdadomus and Jeane Dixon. In all of their prophecies stated that there will come a man who gives eternal life to mankind, and that man is you. I have try your rings and used it for 3 months now. It worked, I am becoming younger now. My wrinkles on forehead actually disappeared!! Its wonderful Only one question. Are you Jesus ?? Please explain to me when you have time. Any, Mr.Alex, thank you so much. You have brought mankind a wonderful, unbeatable gift.

Here is Mr. Chiu's response

No I am not. I am somebody else.

Ominous, eh? 

As another part of Mr. Chiu's "testimonials" is proof that a yoga instructor ordered $50 worth of his ELD: a photo of her check, complete with her full address and telephone number. 

Also, this: 

I have one friend who purchased The Eternal Life Rings from me few month [sic] ago, reporting to me his mental illness has improved dramatically.

Among other things, Mr. Chiu claims to have had the highest IQ in his school.  Not just for the year it was given, mind you, but in the school's history! 

He is a Chinese-American born in California, and claims to have a reasonably rational job in "Japanese sales."  What possesses a 27 year-old man to claim that he has single-handedly solved humanity's deadliest fear?  Acupuncture and the study of what he calls "energy." 

The only real "science" on Mr. Chiu's page is his attempt at explaining his device's properties.  One has to read it to believe it. 

Here is an excerpt from Mr. Chiu's philosophy of life after death: 

My theory is that if one dies, his spirit, I call it frequency, should still be around. Without the body, frequency travels very fast. When the frequency desires to see a certain person or desires to goto a certain place, it can travel very fast to the person or to the place that it has in mind. It goes through wall [sic], it travels
as fast as electrons.

Mr. Chiu also has a page about a "teleportation device."  He designed this device because "we need teleportation very badly since everyone now lives forever."

At the end of this page, Mr. Chiu adds a frightening and mysterious statement: 

If we don't invent teleportation, China will throw nuclear bomb everywhere.

Does he know something the rest of us don't?

But Mr. Chiu's inventions are not all as hairbrained and fraudulent as his ELD.  He has a patent on a "Calculator Mouse," which is not just a good idea, but is functionally useful as well.



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