Observing the Orbiting Observers
(?) September 16th, 1999

Without even reading the conspiracy theories on Jeff Rense, we can be pretty certain that the UFOnuts are making a hullaboo about this.  On Thursday, September 23rd, NASA lost contact with their Mars Climate Orbiter.  Their theory is that it went into a lower orbit than expected and possibly impacted the surface of Mars.

Yes, it would be pretty strange that NASA has lost two of its Mars spacecraft in the last 6 years, one while it was orbiting around Mars and the other (which was actually Russian) before it even got out of the atmosphere.  It would be strange, if these things didn't happen in space, literally millions of miles away from anyone who can do anything about any problems that crop up.  I can't even get my cordless phone to work right all the time, and we're supposed to expect NASA to get the orbiters to work right every time?  We should be cheering the times when something does work.

Of course, NASA could be covering up something on the surface of Mars, and are preventing people from seeing it for what it is.  Some have said that, since most people at NASA are skeptics, that they're suppressing evidence of aliens to maintain their position.  But let's look at this a little more objectively.  What better way is there for a space organization to get funding than by discovering aliens? 



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