No, it's not a mistake.  Jim is the Editor, writer, and webmaster of the Skeptic Report.  He also happens to be the only person in any of those positions.  He's been producing this web page entirely by himself for almost four whole years.  To this date, the only compensation he has received for his work is a near lawsuit and lots of personal pride (those two are unrelated). 

Jim lives in Springfield, Virginia, where he hopes to be employed Very Soon.  He is a 2000 graduate of West Virginia University, where he earned his coveted Bachelor's Degree in English Literature.  He is a published fiction writer, having first achieved publication at the age of 15.  His turn-ons are movies, British comedy, stout beer, atheism and long walks in the wooded mountains of his homeland.  His turn-offs are romantic comedies, bad writing, and mean people.  His measurements are 38-38-38.  He thinks your website sucks, too.  And he doesn't like your attitude.


June 11th, 2001

A Million Damn Dollars
May 31st, 2001

Government Stooges
May 13th, 2001